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Over the last few years I've worked in different tattoo shops, doing different things. I've covered greeting customers, cleaning the shop, making stencils, drawing tattoo designs, all the way to tattooing. Now, I've taken a break from tattooing for a while to learn new things about the industry. I'm taking trips and going to as many tattoo conventions as I can. After I do this, I will go back to tattooing. As for me, I currently have over 10 tattoos and nine piercings. Don't worry, I plan on getting many more.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My newest in the collection

I'm getting my newest and best tattoo right now as I'm writing this post. It's a skeleton playing a guitar with vampire fangs and deadlocks, of course.  My husband is doing this tattoo, of course. He's the only person I  trust to do the very detailed and elaborate black and grey work I want. Plus he's my husband and on top of that, he was voted the best tattoo artist in Mississippi a few years ago.
Check out his work at.     

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