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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What not to do in a tattoo shop

Tattoo shops and tattoo artists can be foreign to some people, actually they can be quite scary. Some of them really are, but for the most part, they're not. The thing is, tattoo artists have to stand their ground, if they don't customers will try to talk down prices, disrespect them and the shop, and all sorts of rude things people do when they take advantage of others. If you want to be treated with respect when you go to a tattoo shop, take the advice that follows.

Don't go into one shop and talk about another one. Telling artists what another shop charges or speaking ill of them won't go very well. So, just don't say anything about other shops and you'll be fine.
If you go to a tattoo shop, don't interrupt an artist for any reason. If they don't speak to you right away, there is a reason.
A very big mistake a lot of people make is taking pictures of flash. If you try this, you'll likely be told to leave. Told, not asked. It doesn't matter why you're taking the picture. The artist either drew that flash or had to pay for it, and it doesn't come cheap.
A big no-no: never ever go into an artist's station without permission and especially not if they're in there.

There are many, many things you shouldn't do in a tattoo shop, but these are big ones. I'll later post an article on what you should do, but for now this should suffice.

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